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RISE: The overreaching aim is to raise/rise the progress of Birmingham towards its 90/90/90 goals for the focus group of Justice Involved.

Many of BAO's clients have been justice involved in the past, based on self reporting from clients and evidence from case management and the legal team. PLWH struggle with ongoing re-entry issues and barriers to health and wellness even when a clients history has been long ago and remote in time. The goal is to create an infrastructural and policy model of meaningful and sustainable community engagement at the intersection of law, law enforcement, and public health guided by MIPA (Meaningful Involvement of People Living with HIV) principles. Anticipated outcomes thus are: improved health of justice involved PLWH; fostering community engagement, transparency and trust in the local criminal justice system; research on the impact of close case management for those undergoing reentry; solidified community partnerships around stressors and exacerbating circumstances of those undergoing reentry and intentional elevation of MIPA principles into the medical care and economic opportunities for justice involved.


RISE-BHAM Researched Intervention Strategy of Engagement- Birmingham HIV Advocacy for the Margins


Director of Legal Services Steve Rygiel, JD
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Client Attorney
Katrina Brown, Esq
She, Her, Hers
Client Attorney
William "Bill" McCarty, JD
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Registered Nurse
Jamie Furman, RN, BSN
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Primary Data Manager
Victoria Walker
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MCLC: pro-bono legal assistance and clinics designed to address unique circumstances and challenges experienced by LGBQ, transgender, and gender non-conforming Alabamians who face limited or no access to legal services. In addition to legal advocacy, the legal program offers LGBTQ education and training services across a variety of legal issues through community outreach.

LGBTQ Legal Programs Attorney Sydney Kay-Duncan, JD
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LGBTQ Legal Programs Community Outreach Assistant
Kelly Samples
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