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Planet Fundraiser

Planet Fundraiser is a free app that is available on the Apple app Store and also Google Play. 

After downloading the app, choose BAO as your non-profit of choice. 

Each time you shop at qualifying businesses (shown in the app based on your location) take a photo of your receipt and submit it through the app. Those businesses will then contribute a portion of their proceeds directly to BAO up to 20%.

Happy Shopping!

Some listed businesses in the Birmingham Metro:


Cantina Tortilla Grill: 7%

The Collective: 5%

Babalu: 2%

Neighborhood Barre: 12%

Jack Browns Beer and Burger Joint: 2%

Piggly Wiggly Clairmont: 2%

Nortons Florist: 7%

Smoothie King Downtown: 3%

Brick and Tin Downtown: 5%

Bamawise: 12%

The Yoga Circle: 5%

Serendipity- Catering: 10%

LaPaz Crestline: 1%Local Taco-Lane Park: 

Over Easy: 5%

Jacksons Bar and Bistro: 5%

Soho Social: 5%

Jimmy Johns Vestavia: 5%

Mudtown eat and drink: 5%

Johnny Rockets Summit: 3%

Gus Mayer: 3%

Front Porch: 5%

Yogurt Mountain Hoover: 5%

Krystal Hueytown, Trussville, Moody: 7% 10%


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