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HIV positive individuals can lead healthy and productive lives today because of advancements in research and healthcare.  BAO provides free life sustaining services to over 800 HIV positive women and men.  There is no cap on the number of people enrolled for services at BAO.  To receive services the following criteria must be met:


- provide HIV status

-provide income information

-photo i.d.

- insurance card

- provide proof of residency


If you would like to enroll for services at BAO please call 205.322.4197 to schedule an intake.  The receptionist will explain all items required during the intake process.


A list of services is provided below.  For complete list, please click here.


Case Management, Emotional Support, Food & Nutritional Supplements, Legal Services, Pet Food & Spay/Neuter Programs, Prescriptions & Co-pay Assistance, Medical Items, Clothing & Home Goods, Transportation Assistance, GED Class, Sisters In Style Support Group, Brother to Brother Support Group, 

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