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I Need.... Case Management

Contact BAO at 205.322.4197 and say that you need a case manager.  One of BAO's team members will work with you to schedule an in-take appointment. 
BAO case mangers are licensed Social Workers and help people living with HIV set personal goals and obtain the following:

     - food, nutritional supplements, and grocery vouchers
     - clothing and home goods
     - transportation assistance
     - pet care assistance
     - prescriptions & medical items
     - legal services
     - public benefits
     - counseling & support groups
     - additional services through special programs

BAO case managers also work closely with our partner organizations to ensure that all needs are met including medical care, housing, and substance abuse.
Individuals requesting case management may also need to complete an application and supply BAO with the following information:

     - HIV verification letter (letter or lab signed by Doctor)
     - Picture Identification
     - Proof of Income
     - Proof of Permanent Alabama Residency        
     - Proof of Health Insurance / Third Party Payers           
     - Proof of Food Stamps - most recent award or denial letter

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