BAO offers free rapid COVID-19 testing 4 days a week. 

MONDAY: 11-5:30
WEDNESDAY: 11-5:30
THURSDAY: 11-5:30


No appointment is needed for testing and testing is offered on a first come first served basis.


Please note, rapid testing can sometime produce inaccurate test results based on the time since your possible exposure. Rapid testing is most accurate if you are experiencing symptoms. Use the chart below to determine the ideal time after exposure that a rapid test is most accurate. If known exposure has occurred you should follow up with a medical professional to confirm test results and continue to mask and quarantine until given the all clear by a medical professional. 



Do I need an appointment?

No. No appointments are needed or accepted and testing is conducted on a first come first served basis.

How long does it take to get results?

Test results are generally available with-in an hour of being tested. Some results may be available in as little as 15 minutes but others may require additional time based on the volume of testing being conducted. 

How much does testing cost?

Much like our HIV and STI testing, COVID-19 rapid tests are offered free of charge. We welcome donations but they are not required. To make a donation of appreciation please visit our donation tab on this website. 

How often should I be tested?

Testing should generally be reserved for those who have known exposure. Read the charts below for more tips on optimal testing candidates. 

What is the best/quickest time to visit for testing?

In general, our busiest testing times have been during the first hour of opening testing each day. Consider waiting until later in the afternoon to potentially avoid longer waits. 

Who is able to be tested at BAO?

Anyone is able to receive a test from BAO free of charge. We ask that you thoroughly browse our fact sheets on this page to determine if testing is needed for you at this time. 

Is any other testing available at this time?

In addition to COVID-19 rapid tests, our drive-thru offers free rapid HIV testing as well as take home STI self testing kits. These tests are also offered free of charge.

Please email with any additional questions regarding testing. 

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Covid Testing (4).png